MIZUNO X Kenza Fortas

Director/DOP/Edit : Axel Flamand
Ass. puller/Ass. Colorist : Paul Mérelle @slon.3

Photographer : Melchior Abeille @melchiorabeille
Ass. Photographer : Arthur Oscar @arthuroscar_
MUAH : @saleha.mkp
Stylist @cleliacz
Music : Alexandre Alaux @woosbad


As we wrap Issue #1 of our digital magazine, we want to give a shout out to @ndjolijean and the Pigalle basketball community - @brams_pigalle09@janebnvll@doums_dpr@daavyyna and @boubas09 - for their candid coverage of style, sports, culture, and beyond. Thank you for the glimpse of the thriving scene taking place in Paris and the passion it generates both on and off the court. 🏀
In this issue, we've seen the timeless versatility of basketball sneakers, inventive ways of mixing Basketball influences into classic streetwear looks, and we've celebrated the people who cultivated the styles we all love and wear. ✔️
We want to hear how basketball influences your streetwear style or what brands, products or silhouettes you want to see on Zalando in the future.

Director/DOP/Edit : Axel Flamand
Ass. Director/DOP : Paul Mérelle 


We’re pleased to present ‘The Creative Meetings’: an editorial initiative providing an intimate glimpse into the universe of artists, their creative process and sources of inspiration.
Today, step into @pepomoreno’s studio, a Spanish painter based in Paris whose paintings are both a mock and a celebration of gay stereotypes in Western pop culture. His work explores a myriad of saturated colors using different variations of acrylic painting techniques.

“The fox has always been a popular character in kids tales. I wanted to create this impression of a scene of a classic kid’s book adding my own touch and universe. It could describe the beginning of a story: ‘One day a fox went out for a walk and he ran into a beautiful flower…’ The next is up for you to imagine.”
Head over to maisonkitsune.com to see more and participate to our special sale of exclusive artworks. Part of the proceeds will go towards La Source (@associationlasource), a foundation supporting social inclusivity through art shops for children, created by the painter Gérard Garouste.

Director/Edit : Axel Flamand


Pour @junybreeze le dimanche c’est fait pour flâner sous la couette et prendre soin de ses boucles avec la gamme cocooning et ultra hydratante parfaite : Nutriplenish Light. Et vous?

Director/DOP/Edit : Axel Flamand
Ass. Director/DOP : Paul Mérelle 
Model : @junybreeze


"Standing togheter for today's worlds"

Born from the aesthetics of Reebok in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the Reebok Classic Leather Legacy nods to the racing and athleisure runners from that era. It takes cues from a bygone time in running and reimagines it, bonding it with today’s design.

With that in mind SNS plugged the team in Paris to give body to it’s ethos. Two bodies if you will. Both looking for the same thing: a way to stand together in this new world.

Director/DOP/Edit : Axel Flamand
Art Director/Stylism/Set : Galith Sabah @galithsabah
Ass. Director/DOP : Paul Mérelle @slon.3
Music/SFX @peowbeow
MUAH @snakeyez
Photo : Dorian Malonga @dorianprs


One vinyl, two sides, two cities and four Beatmakers.
From Paris To Berlin, the famous Air Max 90 split itself in two colorways on a exclusive vinyl release. ​​​​​​​
SIDE A 1/2 : Suff Daddy

Following the current streaming trend, record-breaking numbers in sales, the market for the ever-lasting vinyl is far from over, in fact, it’s the only physical form of music that grows, manifesting itself as the one form of OG music sound carrier reigning supreme.

Reflecting the theme, with precise design, Nike has decided to start its Air Max 90 celebrations early, in time to pop the champagne next year for 30 years of Nike Air Max 90. Despite the ever-expanding online community, and in contrast to other forms of data medium, such as VHS or cassette tapes, the older ones among us will not have difficulties to explain the importance of the black gold, mint conditions and that pickup arm has nothing to do with Tinder dates.


SIDE A 2/2 : Bluestaeb

Many of us have adapted to the modern-days, digital downloads, high-end definition TVs and USB-Stick DJs, but increasing numbers of vinyl sales visualize the popularity of the medium, which cannot be explained, except that the past few years have shown that the black gold is back by popular demand.

Tapping the heydays of vinyl records, Nike Sportswear came up with the beautiful idea to pay homage to the black volume, and one of the genres that made it what it is today, the golden era of '90s rap. Dubbed "Side A" (Yes, there is also a Side B, but more on that later), the Swoosh took inspiration from their own archive of iconic Air Max 90s, such as the original Infrared, King Of The Mountain, Anniversary Cork, Moon Landing, Lemon Frost, Untold Truth, OG Ostrich, and BRS Powerwall. In combination with references sported on the tongue, the Nike Air Max 90 "Side A" is one of the most limited sneaker releases this summer, and it's only right that Sneakersnstuff and Nike linked-up with Jakarta Record's Bluestaeb, who talks '90s rap, producing and much more in the video below.

Together with the Berlin Nike Sportswear team, we spice up the release of the Nike Air Max 90 "Side A" and produced a limited-edition Vinyl with exclusive productions by BluestaebSuff DaddyNeue Grafik and Stwo. For everyone that can make his or her way to Berlin, we go the extra mile in the Capital of Germany, adding to the sneakers a super limited collectors' box, vinyl-brushes, and of course the vinyl itself.


SIDE B 1/2 : Neue Grafik

The current status-quo shows the importance of a well-aged archive. New designs and remixed silhouettes often take their inspiration from simply an excellent nose for digging and archival instinct. And don’t get us wrong, and rather than be demonized, we celebrate treasures which are reimagined. Pieces with profound history and a fair amount of aesthetic influence turned vintage classic are not for no reason our specialty, and so it the Nike Air Max 90.

It’s truly a great time to be a sneakerhead, especially when you dig the earlier models, the ones that paved the way. With thirty years and counting, the Air Max 90 will celebrate the big Three-and-Oh next year, and proven himself as a true icon, the retro running sneaker is about the enter yet another spring. Balancing style and function, when it was first released, the sneaker has seen them all come and go and is about the re-enter center-stage.

Continuing to dominate, the Nike Air Max 90 Side A / Side B pack is an in-depth retrospective breakdown of classic Air Max 90 releases, combined with a heavy influence of ‘90s rap and hip-hop vinyl wrapped in a mixtape-theme. After seeing Side A pre-release exclusively in Berlin, the black flip side dubbed “Side B” draws on the immersive juxtaposing retrospective immortalized in the as always excelling design of the Air Max 90.

Cultivating himself with releases on notoriously known labels such as Rhythm Section, Neue Grafik is Paris’ jazz-infused and Detroit-influenced tastemaking producer with a buzz-worthy future ready for cultural dominance. SNS partnered with the busy Frenchman and MPC-wizard to profile the Nike Air Max 90 Side B, a sneaker with unfettered modernity always ahead of the curve.



A few days after the highly-anticipated Air Max 90 Side A, Nike Sportswear move forward and flip the record with the blacked-out Air Max 90 Side B. Based on and inspired by the black gold, the Side B is referencing 8 iconic “90s” listed as tracklist: Infrared, King Of The Mountain, Anniversary Cork, Moon Landing, Lemon Frost, Untold Truth, OG Ostrich, and BRS Powerwall. 

Teaming up with multi-talented producer Stwo for the Air Max 90 Side B campaign, famed for his remixes, and own productions as well as building sound carpets for Drake, 6lack or Jeremih, the Parisian producer navigates through sound-spheres like a true Jedi. Sneakersnstuff visited the contemporary artist in his studio, in which he produced an exclusive track for SNS and Nike – available only during the release in Berlin and Paris pressed on an exclusive Vinyl.